The Digital Age of Music

What songs really get you going during a workout at the gym ( has some good ones)? What songs put you to sleep? How many playlists do you have in your Spotify or Pandora? The new age of mix tapes. Back in the day we had to record off the radio, download illegally, burn cd’s, or copy songs with 2 tape recorders. Haha, not so convenient. Think about a time, if you are old enough to remember, when listening to music was purposeful. Besides radio and music tv networks, to listen to music you had buy it, physically in a store. You had to think about the bands, or groups or artists you wanted to listen to, and then go buy a tape or CD in a store. Stores like Camelot, or Disc Jockey, or FYE. They had single cassettes, single CD’s, full albums, double albums, and VHS. Sometimes you would go to browse the music selection to see what was new, what was hip. Chart toppers were right in the front. Sometimes you could find your favorites on sale. Single cassette tapes or single CDs were around .99 cents. Isn’t that about what it costs per song on itunes now?

These singles back in, oh, 1992 or so would have 2 songs for your listening enjoyment. A side and B side. 🙂 So it was usually 2 songs from one album. I loved going in to buy music. When you bought a full album, you were really committed to loving it. You would pray you liked at least 3 songs on it and then it felt worth the $14 or so you spent. The smell  of the CD or tape insert cover was intoxicating. The lyrics were printed out in most packages for you to sing along with. Man, those days were so exciting.

So do we love the fact that we can most song at click of a button? I do. I love these playlists that are ready for me to repeat or switch at the drop of a dime. Whenever i please, there is my favorite Foo Fighters song, the one i sang at a live band karaoke once. How did i know the lyrics without those cd inserts? REPEAT! Lol But really, Spotify sometimes gives the lyrics and some cool fun facts about the artist. And don’t get me started on Shazam. How freakin cool is that?! You hear a song on a tv show, or while you are shopping in TjMaxx, but you have never heard it before. Also, you don’t know who the artist is? What to do? With the press of a button you can have the app listen and tell you the name of the song and who the performer is. It will even link you to Spotify so you can save is a playlist! Blue Road Music has really good Pop beats.

I love new music technology. People are so smart. I love having all my go to jams in the palm of my hand. The best place is in the car on a road trip. You can pop that phone plug right into you car and press play, let the music do the talking. Thank you playlists, the new mixtape.